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C. Functional Experience & Skills
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D. Self Assessment
Self Assessment
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* You tend to look at things from new angles and enjoy formulating new approaches to resolving issues
* You feel satisfied to help others figure out how something works so they can get themselves better organized
* You lead people to important insights on personal effectiveness and business success
* You handle very challenging situations with a clear sense of purpose and calm demeanor
* You cultivate around you a climate of open and honest communication
* You enjoy sorting through ambiguity and uncertain scenarios to develop a more focused approach to problem
* You keep an open mind and like to obtain a good understanding of the thoughts and key ideas of others
* You enjoy motivating your team to achieve their goals

* What motivates you to volunteer with ACS?
* In addition to functional skills, what other gifts/skills/talents will you bring to the ACS workshop team?
What do you consider to be your key weakness? (e.g. note-taking)
How did you hear about ACS?

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Please note that the information collected will be used in the volunteer matching process and will be kept confidential.
If you are selected as one of the ACS volunteer consultants, please note that ACS will disclose your email address, telephone number, work experience and education background to participants of the particular series of ACS workshop you are assigned to. Apart from the above, ACS undertakes to keep your personal data confidential and will not share, forward or sell you data to any third party.