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ACS serves a board spectrum of NGOs and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race or religious affiliation of an NGOs.
If, however, you feel uncomfortable working with a particular type of NGO, please specify below:

D. Self Assessment
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We welcome you as a volunteer for Asian Charity Services (ACS) and appreciate your willingness to serve.
Please affirm your acceptance to our volunteer agreement.

Commitment - I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner. I agree to maintain the confidential information of the ACS clients. I will make every effort to meet the time commitments and professional standards of ACS and provide reasonable notice should I not be able to meet my commitments so alternative arrangements can be made.

Confidentiality – I agree that all information provided and issues discussed are confidential and agree not to disclose such information or issues to any party, except for information generally made available to the public. I consent to your email address, contact telephone number, skills, experience and education being disclosed to ACS employees, members of the participating clients’ organization and the other volunteers involved.

Curriculum – The training curriculum and other project materials are proprietary property of ACS. I agree that the curriculum and other materials shall not be copied, circulated, and/or shared electronically or in hard copy in part or in whole with any parties without prior written consent from ACS


Use of Image - Pictures and videos are taken during many of our activities and I may be included in such pictures and videos. These pictures and videos are used in ACS communication materials which may be posted on the internet, shown online, in printed materials and during events and training sessions. I agree that ACS may exhibit, distribute or broadcast these materials as described in this paragraph and I agree to grant to ACS a royalty-free, non-exclusive and irrevocable licence to copy, use, modify, enhance and develop the materials (including videos and pictures) embedding my images, and to use, copy, publish and distribute such materials for use in connection with the marketing and promotion of activities of ACS.



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